With encouragement from family and friends along with a leap of faith, I finally did it. I created a website to display images I’ve captured over the years.

I am not sure when I started to see ordinary things differently. Gradually over time, I began to see the potential of everyday life events as a picture taking opportunity. A beautiful smile, perfect lighting, unique angles, sparkle in the eye, vibrant colors, or a moment that generates a strong emotion. Only Imagine the endless possibilities of moments to capture.  I didn’t choose to be a photographer, photography chose me.

I believe creative growth as a photographer is crucial. It is important to me that you are involved in the portrait sessions. I welcome ideas, thoughts and the opportunity to go to various locations for the shoot. My style is less traditional, avoiding the staged scene.

Your satisfaction with Only Imagine Photography is very important to me. These will be memories to last a lifetime, and I want them to bring those emotions back every time you look at them. If you aren’t satisfied with your portrait session, let me know about it. Your session will be laid back, fun and more relaxing than it was to get ready for the shoot itself!